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Own Projects

Home Digital Library

Paul von Lecter: Library

This site is devoted to my own digital collection of books, articles, sheets, magazines and etc.


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n0.T[a]cTic Public Server

n0.T[a]cTic Public Server by Paul von Lecter

Welcome to my own Counter-Strike 1.6 Game Server!


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Live Piano Podcast

Paul von Lecter: Live Piano Podcast

I like to play on the piano. I want you to have the possibility to hear me.


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Portfolio Projects

The Institute of Design of Innovations

ИДИ: Институт дизайна инноваций

Creating the awesome and innovative space for people!


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CreaWise CIC

CreaWise CIC

Development of the design and the concept of a huge network.

Helping to creating a live creative environment.


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Pedagogical Practics at the Institute of pedagogics and psychology of childhood

Практика в ИПиПД УрГПУ

Working site-board for the students of my university.


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The labor union organization of the USPU

ППОО УрГПУ: Первичная профсоюзная организация обучающихся УрГПУ

This is a small attempt to make a functional site for students.


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