Paul von Lecter

Paul von Lecter

I look for new meanings and ideas in all that I see and I want to see.
I was tired of commerce, I want something more.
Each work makes sense.
I deny art for the sake of art.

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Paul von Lecter

In 1999, I enrolled in music school.

I had an awesome mentor! She taught me to love improvisation. I can't stop now!

In 2007, I successfully graduated from music school No.2 named after Mikhail Glinka

In 2008, I started using the Internet. I loved it! Sarcasm.

Since 2010, I've been uploading my music on the famous Russian electromic music websites, e.g. PROMODJ. That was just the beginning...

Since 2014, I've been publishing my tracks on Beatport, iTunes and other music stores.


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